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238 weeks ago

A short list of the few requirements that we ask of our raiders:

Before the raid:
  1. Have the Deadly Boss Mods addon (or equivalent) installed and updated.
  2. Have gear fully gemmed, enchanted and repaired.
  3. Read up or watch a video on new fights, to gain an understanding of how the mechanics of the fight work. We have playlists of guides for normal and heroic modes on our forums.
  4. Let us know ahead of time (when possible) if you cannot make it to a raid, so that we have some time to find a replacement.

During the raid:
  1. Be logged in to our mumble server so you can hear our raid leader's instructions.
  2. Be willing and able to learn, adapt and take advice. (Note: this rule also applies outside of raid time).
  3. Have fun! =)

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